(NO) ECNL Playoffs

Age Groups: U14-U18 (click here to view the structure summary for more details)

Facility: Rockford, IL

Draw: June 2017  |  ECNL YouTube

Schedule: The schedule will be posted to team pages at the conclusion of the ECNL Regular Season.

Travel Information:

  • Hotel Lottery:  Please remember that no ECNL Club or team may make hotel reservations for any events outside of the ECNL booking process. For questions regarding the hotel lottery contact ecnl@mavericksportstravel.com.
  • Departures:  If you plan to make travel arrangements prior to the schedule being announced, the ECNL recommends booking departure flights after 6:00 pm.

College Scouts: Visit the College Coach Home Page to register for the event and find specific information!