#9  -  Grace Piper  -  Texas Rush ECNL U16

Points: 1 Cautions: 1
  Sun, 12/29/13   World Class FC ECNL U16 Yellow Card - Unsporting Behavior
  Basic Information
Jersey Number:#9
Position:Center Midfielder, Forward
  Academic Information
High School:The Woodlands High School          Graduation Year:  2016          GPA:  4.56/4.56         
Academic Honors:

 Pre-AP Courses (Chemistry, English)

Accelerated Math (Pre-Calculus in 10th Grade)

AP Courses in 10th Grade:  World History, Human Geography, Art History

Mu Alpha Theta (Math Honor Society); Science Honor Society

Duke TIP Program

Community Service:

  • National Charity League Bluebonnets - Volunteer 15-30 hours per year in local community
  • TOPS Soccer Program - Texas Rush program providing soccer for special needs children and teens

Soccer Referee - Grade 8 


  Playing Information
Committed Y/N:Yes - Texas A&M
Playing Honors:

 Club Experience:  Texas Rush Soccer Club

Coach Andy Squire (281) 635-6495

Coach Dave Dengerink  (757) 450-2862

2013:  ECNL Playoffs and Finals - 4 goals and 1 assist in 5 games

2012:   Sanford ECNL Showcase with Rush U16s

           National Cup Region III Regionals, Greenville, SC

           National Cup State Finalist

           Team Qualified for Region III Southern Regional Premier League for Fall 2012

            Region III Premier League West             

2011:  Orange Classic Champion (playing with 97 team)

2010:  Orange Classic Champion (Playing with 95 team)

ODP:   2011, 2012, 2013:  South Texas State Team and Region III Camp

Rush Select (National) 97/98 Team – 2011/12 participant in Phoenix President’s Day Tournament and 2011 Rush Festival Champions

US Soccer Center Trainings – 2011 and 2012

High School:  2013 - Freshman Starter on Varsity Team.  Newcomer of the Year Award for District 14-5A and Montgomery County

Elite Clubs National League 2015-2016 Regular Season Under 18 Texas Rush ECNL U18
Elite Clubs National League 2014-2015 Regular Season Under 17 Texas Rush ECNL U17
Elite Clubs National League 2013-2014 Regular Season Under 16 Texas Rush ECNL U16
Elite Clubs National League 2012-2013 Playoffs & U18 Finals U15 North American League Texas Rush ECNL U15
Elite Clubs National League 2012-2013 Finals U15 North American League Texas Rush ECNL U15
Elite Clubs National League 2012-2013 Regular Season Under 15 Texas Rush ECNL U15
US Club 2010-2011 Under 13 Colorado Rush Select GU13 US Club
DOB 09/20/1997
Height: 5'8"