U14 Showcase & JR ECNL Event - Greer, SC
May 3-4, 2014

Team Information Packet: Click Here


  • Mesa Soccer Complex | 1020 Anderson Ridge Road
 | Greer, SC | 29651
  • Wenwood Soccer Complex (U13)

Event Director: Andrew Hyslop, e. andrew@carolinaelitesc.com

Hotel & Transportation Information: There are designated hotels for all teams (U13 and U14)  participating in the event. ALL teams are to book hotels using the ECNL Hotel Travel Support Procedures. No teams are to book any hotel accommodations outside of ECNL Travel. 

Competition Schedule: 

  • U14 Schedule:  The U14 schedule has been posted to the team pages of each participating team.
  • U13 Schedule:  For the U13 game schedule, click here (updated 4-18)

Player Registration & Carding: Refer to the document "2012-2013 National Event: Game Day Checklist.

  • U14:  Refer to the document "2012-2013 National Event: Game Day Checklist.
  • U13:  Per JR ECNL Rules & Regulations, all players must have a valid US Club Soccer Playerpass or ECNL playerpass in order to participate in the event.

Event Payment Instructions: click here. Payments for Greer are due March 1, 2014.

ECNL U14 Teams   Pre-ECNL U13 Teams
1. Albertson Fury ECNL U14   1. Atlanta Fire Pre-ECNL U13
2. Atlanta Fire ECNL U14   2. Carolina Elite Soccer Academy Pre-ECNL U13
3. Bethesda SC ECNL U14   3. Concorde Fire Pre-ECNL U13
4. Birmingham United ECNL U14   4. FC Stars of Massachusetts Pre-ECNL U13
5. Carolina Elite Soccer Academy ECNL U14   5. FC Virginia Pre-ECNL U13
6. CASL ECNL U14   6. GSA Pre-ECNL U13
7. Charlotte Soccer Academy ECNL U14   7. Maryland United FC Pre-ECNL U13
8. Concorde Fire ECNL U14   8. McLean Youth Soccer Pre-ECNL U13
9. Connecticut FC ECNL U14   9. Ohio Elite Soccer Academy Pre-ECNL U13
10. East Meadow Soccer Club ECNL U14   10. PDA Pre-ECNL U13
11. FC Bucks ECNL U14   11. Richmond Strikers Pre-ECNL U13
12. FC Stars of Massachusetts ECNL U14   12. Virginia Rush Soccer Club Pre-ECNL U13
13. FC Virginia ECNL U14    
14. GSA ECNL U14    
15. Maryland United FC ECNL U14    
16. Match Fit Academy ECNL U14    
17. McLean Youth Soccer ECNL U14    
18. NC Fusion ECNL U14    
19. Ohio Elite Soccer Academy ECNL U14    
20. OP Ohio Premier ECNL U14    
21. Orlando City YS ECNL U14    
22. PDA ECNL U14    
23. Penn Fusion SA ECNL U14    
24. Richmond Strikers ECNL U14    
25. Scorpions SC ECNL U14    
26. SoccerPlus Elite ECNL U14    
27. Vardar ECNL U14    
28. Virginia Rush Soccer Club ECNL U14    
29. VSI West FL Flames ECNL U14    
30. World Class FC ECNL U14