Referee Guidelines


Elite Clubs National League (“ECNL”) is the country’s top league for female soccer players, teams and clubs, including the nation’s top 80 girls youth soccer clubs, at U13 through U18/U19. As the best female competition platform in the country, ECNL requires the best referees in the country. Thank you for accepting the assignment to referee in the ECNL.

Every game played in ECNL matters.  The teams are competing for conference championships, seeding for the national championships, and an overall ECNL club champion. As such, ECNL and its teams, coaches, players and parents expect high standards of professionalism and performance from the referees.  In return, ECNL demands high standards from its clubs and coaches.Below are general information and rules applicable to ECNL competition:

Game Ball: Size 5 (provided by one of the competing teams).  Game ball should be Nike.

Game Length:

  • U13: 35 minute halves
  • U14, U15 & U16: 40 minute halves
  • U17 & U18/U19: 45 minute halves
  • Referees should provide appropriate stoppage time in every game.

Substitutions: U13-U18/U19: FIFA, seven (7) per half.  Players may not re-enter in the same half.

Rosters, Reports and Passes:

  • Both the Home and Away Team will provide an ECNL Game Report to the referee.  Only eighteen (18) players are eligible for the match. These 18 must be indicated on the Game Report. Age-appropriate players that are not pre-printed on the roster may be handwritten on the roster so long as they have a valid ECNL passcard.
  • At the conclusion of the game, after the report has been completed by the referee and signed by both teams, the referee should give the game report back to the home team to report your scores by logging into your TGS account. Once you log in it will ask about the game, weather, field conditions and referees.
  • Each player should have an ECNL  player passcard.  Players should give their pass to the referee when they enter the game.  All passcards should be returned to the team at the end of the game. 


  • All games should have an international start.
  • Referees should arrive no later than 30 minutes prior to scheduled kick off time.
  • Discovery Players are tied to the team in which they are carded. They are not eligible to play up or down.
  • Game fees are to be paid to referees prior to kick-off if possible.The home team is responsible for payment:
    • U17 & U18/U19 Fees:  $75 to referee and $50 to each assistant referee, and
    • U13, U14, U15, & U16: $65 to referee and $40 to each assistant referee.
  • Uniforms: In a one-game weekend (teams will confirm uniform colors with each other) Home Team: light shirt, light socks, any short| Away Team: dark shirt, dark socks, any shorts
  • Uniforms: In a two-game weekend (teams will confirm uniform colors with each other)
    • Game #1 -Home Team: light shirt, light socks, any short| Away Team: dark shirt, dark socks, any shorts
    • Game #2 -Home Team: dark shirt, dark socks,  any short |  Away Team: light shirt, dark socks,  any shorts

Red Cards:

  • Red cards should be reported immediately following the game to The report should include age group, teams,player(s) sent off, the offense,and referee’s name, email and phone number. Referees should not keep player passes for players that are sent off, they should be returned to the team manager.

Should you have any urgent game day questions, direct them to: Jen Winnagle, ECNL Commissioner: 703-304-5723, or