H.E.R. Platform

The ECNL H.E.R. Platform is the league's "Health and Education Resources" program, designed to provide additional tools and information to ECNL players, coaches, and alumni.  The H.E.R. platform is created to extend sport-science based research, education, and resources to players, coaches, and alumni and will include live activation at ECNL National Events as well as online components.

The H.E.R. Platform includes: 

  • Coaching Program: The H.E.R. Coaching Program will provide resources and opportunities to ECNL alumni entering the coaching profession, and to female coaches within ECNL clubs.  The program will include education, information, and mentoring components. 
  • The Zone: "The Zone" is the ECNL's Player Rejuvenation Center onsite at all ECNL National Events.  The Zone provides immediate nutrition / hydration replacement, stretching and massage, injury treatment, and more.  Opportunities to engage with the athletes in person and online are incorporated within the program.
  • Online Resource Center (AmazingYoungWomen.com): In a world where information is abundant, it is often difficult to delineate good information from bad. The AmazingYoungWomen.com website provides an interactive, engaging experience offering top quality information, to educate female athletes on what it takes to be the best and inspiring them to become the best.  Topics include nutrition, health, leadership, character development, and more.

More programs are being added to the H.E.R. Platform every day!