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ECNL Member Updates & Announcements
This announcement contains important reminders, links, and announcements regarding the following items! Please read through EVERYTHING carefully! 
  1. Game Reports at ECNL National Events
  2. National Event Logistics
  3. Merchandise in San Antonio
  4. Scouting

1. Game Reports at ECNL National Events

Process to be followed regarding ECNL National Event Game Reports

  • Each ECNL Team should print out and bring a copy of the Official ECNL Match Report to the field.
  • The ECNL Game Report must be completed in full and given to the Referee prior to the start of the game
  • Upon conclusion of the game
    • The ECNL Game Reports should be signed by both teams (Head Coach or Assistant Coach).
    • Each coach must also nominate a player from their team as the Player of the Game (at the bottom of the report).
    • The referee will submit the completed ECNL Game Report to the designated ECNL Contact at the complex immediately after the game

Guidelines to Remember

  • Please write in the names of any younger players playing up on the ECNL Game Report (Rule 2.8)
  • Regardless of the number of players listed on an ECNL Game Report, no more than 18 players are eligible to appear in the ECNL National Event Competition
  • If more than 18 players are listed, the “rostered” players must be designated

2. National Event Logistics

Player Cards

  • Please remember that at ECNL National Events: Every player must have a permanent plastic ECNL player pass in order to participate.
  • Team Managers: Please remember to pick your team’s player cards up from the referee after the conclusion of each match. Thank you!

San Antonio Event Check-In

  • There is no check-in necessary for any teams on Thursday. All participating teams should check-in 90 minutes prior to their first game on March 4 at the ECNL Headquarters at STAR Soccer Complex.
  • What to Bring
    • An official ECNL roster
    • ECNL plastic player and staff cards
    • Completed US Club Soccer medical release forms for each player [blank forms located here]

3. Apparel

San Antonio Tshirt Design





Process to be followed for Scouting Schematics

  • Each team is responsible for printing out their own blank Scouting Schematic Form for ECNL National Events
    • It is recommended that each ECNL Team print out and complete two (2) Scouting Schematics for each ECNL National Event Game
    • ECNL Scouts and US Soccer Scouts will be scouting most games over the course of the weekend. Your game may have scouts from one, both, or neither of these scouting programs
  • Scouting Schematics should be completed prior to the start of the game by each team
  • The Scouting Schematic should be given to the ECNL Scouts in attendance and/or US Soccer Scouts (if they are present) prior to kick-off

Form Locations

  • Blank Scouting Schematics- online in the ECNL’s Resource Center or Click Here
  • Sample Scouting Schematic- online in the ECNL’s Resource Center or Click Here

Scouting Product

  • Any Scouts who have not yet recieved their scouting product should pick up their gear FRIDAY, MARCH 4, between 9am-1pm at the ECNL Tent located at:

STAR Soccer Complex
5103 David Edwards Dr.
San Antonio, Texas | 78233