Gatorade Nutrition


Gatorade and ECNL have created a long term partnership that will have all the information ECNL wants to write about Gatorade here. Hopefully the have a press release or something that can fill this body of text. We will need way more content to fill this in once we receive it from ECNL and Gatorade. this hopefully will happen soon. The heat and the drinks and the stuff we are writing makes no sense whatsoever.

Gatorade will provide all players at each showcase event the opportunity to fuel their body with the proper Gatorade product to help them perform at the highest level while taking care of their body’s needs.


2015 Heat Safety Overview HEAT ILLNESS AND EMERGENCIES Many factors contribute to heat-repeated illnesses, which can occur when an individual is subjected to extreme temperatures and humidity, is unable to cool down or is dehydrated. At the onset of heat illness, it's more difficult for an athlete's body to properly cool itself and function, taking a toll on his or her performance. TYPES OF HEAT ILLNESS
  • Heat Cramps: This type of cramp is the tightening and spasms experienced in large muscle groups (e.g. quadriceps, hamstrings, ect.). It is often preceded by heavy sweating and large electrolyte losses, which may look like white residue on clothing, skin or equipment.
  • Heat Exhaustion: Signs and symptoms include profuse sweating, dehydration, fatigue, lightheadedness, rapid pulse, low blood pressure and slightly elevated body temperature.
  • Heat Stroke: Sign and symptoms include high body temperature - 104 F or higher - red, hot, dry or moist skin, nausea, vomit, incoherence, loss of consciousness, shallow breathing, weak pulse, mild shock, convulsion and possible death.