S’Hero Awards

The ECNL is calling on women of all ages to share their personal moments of #BeautifulAmbition and help drive a movement that celebrates the power of what it is to be a girl today. Through The S’Heroes Awards the ECNL is sharing stories, unifying women of all ages, and celebrating today’s young women as they prepare to become tomorrow’s leaders.


  • S’Hero Award. She is a force to be reckoned with. She is a motivated and strong woman who exemplifies #BeautifulAmbition on and off-the field. She may have played in the ECNL, is currently playing, or simply inspires others to become amazing young women each and every day.
  • S’Hero Community Project/Leader Award. S’Hero Community Leader/Project Award is a group of women, or team making a positive impact and inspiring #BeautifulAmbition within the community. We celebrate the elite athletes that make time to engage in public service to improve their community, recognizing that being a true leader extends off the field as well.
  • S’Hero of the Year. Each S’Hero Award and Community Leader/Project Award is eligible to be named S’Hero of the Year in July. One overall S’Hero of the Year will be awarded.


  • Nominations. To nominate your S’Hero, submit the online form below. The first S’Heroes will be announced in early November and the beginning of each month thereafter. Once she is nominated, she remains in the nominee pool for the duration of the season.
  • Who is Eligible. The S’Hero Award and S’Hero Community Leader/Project Award will be chosen from online nominations and social engagements.