Club and Coach Development Platform

In the 2012-2013 season, the ECNL launched the first ECNL Coaching Development Initiative (CDI) in conjunction with the Coaching Education department of US Soccer. The ECNL CDI now occur every year in the ECNL.

ECNL CDIs are held at several different ECNL National Events each year, with each event featuring a full day of coaching education in the class-room and on the field. All ECNL Directors and staff are eligible to attend at no cost.

Presenters at ECNL CDIs are selected by the ECNL, and include a variety of coaches and educators.

The purpose of the CDIs are to share best practices in youth development across all ECNL clubs, align training methodologies, and improve the level of coaching throughout the ECNL.

ECNL Coaching Education Initiative

ECNL Coaching Development Initiative (CDI) consists of educational seminars put on by various staff, each scheduled around an existing ECNL National  Event. Ongoing education is a key part of being a professional, and is an expectation of being a member of the top girls developmental league in the country. Every club in attendance at each of these events should attend the CDI if at all possible. Multiple coaches from each ECNL club are welcome and encouraged to attend.

The ECNL is committed to improving the level of coaching in the United States, and providing new resources for coaching education. Continuing education is an integral part of ongoing professional development.  All ECNL Member Club coaches are invited to attend.